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Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan; ActiveFiler Making a Positive Social Impact
Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan; ActiveFiler Making a Positive Social Impact

“Empowering a prosperous Pakistan for all” is ActiveFiler’s purpose statement. The primary idea behind the establishment of ActiveFiler was to drive positive change in the society, in a way that Pakistan benefits in a whole.

Our Vision

This has been a part of our culture and woven into all that we do and all that we strive for. The eccentricity of our business and our vision statement is about setting Pakistan on the way to development, and we believe it starts with us.

We aim to set ourselves on the journey of bringing the image of our nation up, and we believe with corporate social responsibility in Pakistan, we would eventually be able to empower the society into taking care of the ones in destitute.

The Need of Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan

The minds and personalities behind ActiveFiler have always been inspired of the non-profit, human welfare organizations such as Saylani, that have carried their emblem of selflessness in order to take care of the society and its pearls.

That is the kind of human spirit and selflessness that ActiveFiler strives to achieve by bringing their expertise in play.

ActiveFiler Food Drive

Active Filer Food Drive was a product of observation by the people of ActiveFiler. We noticed that the country is constituted with a mass number of people that suffer a harsh journey every day.

These people are not assured of their next meal and often go a full day without basic consumption. To resolve this, many human welfare organizations work tirelessly to provide them with 3 meals every day.

ActiveFiler, though lifted by spirit, still lacked the knowledge of management to conduct such an operation. That is why we thought it best to collaborate our motive with that of Saylani’s.

The Outcome

Friday, 13th of August, ActiveFiler carried out the corporate social responsibility in Pakistan alongside Saylani. The delight on the faces of our common brothers and sisters as they were provided the food to curb their hunger lifted our spirits even more.

Though the activity was satisfying for our vision, we believe that our role doesn’t end just here. But it increases the need for sectors like us to step up and aid the base level of our society.

For we believe to have Pakistan gushing and relishing like a fruit bearing tree, we need to strengthen the roots.

That is when the wheel of success and progress for Pakistan would start to spin, propelling our beloved nation to the heights of prosperity and development.

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