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Schemes Covering Duties And Tax Refunds – List of 854 Active Manufacturers Released

Islamabad: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) released the names of 854 active manufacturers under various export facilitation schemes to extend duties/taxes exemption

This is to notify you that the Federal Board of Revenue has uploaded a list on its website. Manufacturers operating under the DTRE scheme, export facilitation scheme, manufacturing bonds scheme, and Export Oriented Unit (EOU) scheme can check their names from the FBR’s list of eligible manufacturers.

According to the FBR data, 351 manufacturers were operating under the DTRE scheme, 77 manufacturers were exporting through facilitation schemes, and 206 manufacturers using manufacturing bonds.

Eliminating the refund and drawback of sales tax for users of the Export Facilitation Scheme 2021 is expected to lower operating costs and the cost of compliance with tax laws, improve ease of doing business, lessen exporters’ liquidity issues, draw in more users and encourage exports.

Inputs imported by authorized users are exempt from duty and taxes, and local supplies of inputs to authorized users are zero-rated. By means of this new program, Common Export House will be able to import inputs duty- and tax-free for later sale to authorized users, particularly SMEs.

The scheme shall be granted for the acquisition of input goods without the payment of duty and taxes based on the performance of exports over the previous two fiscal years and a firm export contract.

(i) Category A Includes Manufacturers who exported 60% or more of their annual production over the previous two years.

(ii) Category B includes Exporter/Manufacturers with less than 60% of annual production is exported

(iii) Category C includes commercial exporters, indirect exporters, and manufacturers of international tolls.

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