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FBR Plans Accepted to Disable Mobile Phones, Sims, Utilities on Non-Filing of Tax Returns

ISLAMABAD: An assembly of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance has agreed to the Federal Board of Revenues (FBR) to discontinue cell phones or cellular sims to put in force the submitting of returns. The committee meeting was presided over by Saleem Mandviwala on Thursday and changed into informed, via the FBR, approximately the criticality of filing the tax returns for documentation. Additionally, the individuals of the committee encouraged the new insertion of disabling of mobile telephones or cell phone sims to put into effect the filing of returns. The change has been proposed through the budget range 2022/2023, which became provided on June 10, 2022. The Finance invoice, 2022, suggested section 114B to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.
The FBR panel reading the provisions regarding the price of tax through electrical connections apprised the committee to expand the tax net and facilitate small shops. However, fixed income tax is to get charged at the electricity payments via the supply of constant taxation the retailer will no longer be sure to claim its yearly turnover. The FBR authorities also informed the committee that the FBR locations a penalty of 0.1 percent for every day of default after the due date for tax submission.
The committee concerning approval of non-profit status to entities performing in desk II of Clause (sixty-six) of part 1 of the second one schedule decreased the term to provide rest up to July 2024 by using 12 months, up until July 2023, while the amendment to provide for the withdrawal of concession granted via earnings Tax (modification) Ordinance, 2022, re-characterization of profits and deductions, and the alteration, in minimum tax on the income of a specific character so as to inspect the misuse, shifted to the minimum tax in succeeding years which has been withdrawn became acceptable.
The committee additionally common the brand new insertion of 1DC and 1DD so that it will permit withholding of tax at source on services furnished with the aid of worldwide money transfer operators and withholding of tax on offerings granted via card community groups and charge gateways. Furthermore, the modification of the earnings paid to a work which has enabled sure tax credits removal as a part of non-public earnings tax reform becomes additionally customary by using the committee.
The committee got apprised earlier regarding the newly inserted sections that have been given every last tax fame on non-resident folks. The FBR officials briefed the committee on tax exemptions on importing bulletproof buses and unique motors for the safety of foreigners operating on the CPEC and primary power projects.
The enterprise community also participated in the committee and forwarded their proposals to lessen expenses on edible stuff by the exemption of taxes to deliver a sigh of calmness to most people.
Senate opposition leader Dr. Shahzad Waseem expressed great concern regarding the absence of relevant ministers from the committee. Ministers’ non-participation in the committee’s activities was, according to him, contempt of the House.
Dr. Aisha Ghous Pasha, Minister of State for Finance, joined the meeting and answered members’ questions. In response, opposition leader Dr. Shahzad Waseem asked why notices were sent to citizens when tax exemptions remained in place in these areas until 2023. As for federal excise duty notices, the FBR chairman replied that FATA/PATA has only been exempt from income tax and sales taxes.
For further discussion in the presence of the Finance Minister, the committee deferred the clauses on individual exemptions. Upon expressing his opinion, Senator Farooq Hamid Naek said that individuals should not be granted exemptions as a matter of justice and that there should be no individual exemptions.
Further, Senator Naek said that Pakistan is probably the only country with such a rapid transition in government and legislative legislation.
The committee reviewed the exemptions under international agreements and recommended that the resident be excluded solely because of the services provided under the agreement.
In addition, the Federal Government will now get empowered to relax any rules and to exempt any grant in aid and development assistance from any restrictions under international agreements.

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