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FBR raids Gul Plaza for tax violators
FBR Raids Gul Plaza for Tax Violators

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) officials raided the infamous Gul Plaza in Karachi. The raid took place on Monday with officials taking hold of the critical financial record and sealing the shops of the tax violators. FBR reportedly said that they had previously sent the tax notices to the shop owners a week ago and no response from the other side made them take the action.

Gul Plaza is a major trading hub located on M.A Jinnah road also known as the heart of Karachi. The market is said to be the oldest commercial hub with massive sales as it holds a large number of traders that deal in all kinds of goods. With such a high profile, the government expects to generate a huge number of taxes through the trade which they had not been receiving and for similar reason FBR stormed in the plaza.

During the raid, the FBR officials and the shop owners had heated arguments and traded some harsh words which later led the traders to hold a protest. The shopkeepers blocked the road in front of the market and held banners against the FBR. The traders claimed that they are on the right and were being harassed by the FBR officials. The sources suggest that the protests held by the shopkeepers were irrational and the FBR’s action was legitimate.

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