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The FBR Requested the Design of a Simple Return Form!


A simple go-back pattern needs to be plotted by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for individuals who earn income solely from salary (the tax year 2022).

On this connection, the FTO issued an order to the FBR on Tuesday. The FTO issued this critical order at the time. FBR has uploaded the Income Tax return bureaucracy for Tax yr-2022 for Salaried, an Association of Persons (AOPs), business individuals, and agencies to file via FBR’s internet Portal (Iris device) and Tax Asian utility.

In keeping with the FTOs’ order, the simplified form supported by the earnings certificates may additionally encompass a venture to the effect that the taxpayer is earning no profits aside from profits.

Pakistan Revenue Automation restrained (PRAL) may increase dedicated/simplified software for people whose income earnings from a couple of resources, but an additional 50 percent of the aggregated pay get derived from income, the FTO order added.

The findings of the order discovered that the criticism turned into filed by a federal government worker in BS-16 that he can’t have the funds to pay Rs3,000 for filing of his tax go back. Therefore, his pay slip can qualify as an NTN certificate.

Upon deduction of tax, the AGPR issues monthly pay slips. As a result, the complainant feels that submitting the income tax return form is complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, he has to rent the offerings of a tax consultant/accountant; due to being a lower-paid worker. He cannot manage to pay for the consultants’ rate.

Thus, the FTO requested that low-paid salaried employees be exempt from filing profits tax returns and treated as active taxpayers based on the annual revenue statement issued by the AGPR/company.

The FTO order added that there is no denying the fact that the tax return filing process is complex, and most taxpayers hire tax practitioners or accountants to file their annual returns. A large number of taxpayers do not file returns due to the simple reason explained by the complainant.

The year-end salary statement was considered as good as a tax return; some years back annual salary statement was considered as good as a tax return, but it has ceased to exist.

Therefore, the FTO has directed the FBR to devise a simple return form for persons earning income exclusively from salary.

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