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ActiveFiler as One of the Fastest-Growing Fintech Startups in 2021

Startup Pakistan Recognizes ActiveFiler as One of the Fastest-Growing Fintech Startups in 2021

ActiveFiler; your partner for convenient and affordable tax filing is beginning to make a name for itself among the top fastest emerging companies across Pakistan. Startup Pakistan, which is a news outlet agency, is known for keeping a keen eye on emerging businesses all around the country. And now, through their recent official release, have recognized ActiveFiler as one of the fastest-growing fintech startups in 2021.


The Journey

But the journey hasn’t been a mere stroll in the park; it has been a long battle of wits and grits for coming up with solutions that would be easy to perform for the people – and would benefit the nation on a whole.

The success that has occurred is a reason to rejoice for the entire team that had worked tirelessly to give a mere idea, a shape of a legitimate company.

It is their valiant efforts and hard work that ActiveFiler has been ranked among the fastest-growing fintech startups, all over the country.


The Idea

The journey of ActiveFiler began with an idea of streamlining the processes of taxation for the people of Pakistan – and to educate them about the benefits of becoming a filer.

The thought process behind the idea was derived from the will to work for not just the benefits of the people, but for the future of Pakistan as well.

In their attempt to reform the tax base of the country, ActiveFiler was able to achieve a tremendous milestone of 5000 plus registrations in just its second month since the beginning of operations i.e. August 2021.


About ActiveFiler:

ActiveFiler is a platform that assists the common working class of Pakistan to become tax filers and drive numerous benefits that come along with it.

The professional tax experts at ActiveFiler help in making your taxation experience hassle-free by taking over all your tax problems.

The experts, known as your “Taxpert Friend”, hold the responsibility of assessing, calculating, computing, preparing, and filing all your taxes while you relax at your home – focusing on things that you love most.

What stands ActiveFiler out from its competitors and other private tax filers is that, it never keeps its clients in the shadow – but rather makes them an active part of their taxation journey so they could always feel secure and in safe hands.

Furthermore, it is an easy-to-use NTN Registration and Tax Consultation service that’s available both online and offline to help new and existing tax payers with their tax returns.

Due to its helping nature and quick business adaptation, the platform has become one of the fastest-growing fintech startups in 2021.


Services on Offer

ActiveFiler holds the competitive advantage of being the most affordable tax filing service providers – constituting to its range of services including Individual Tax Filing, Business Tax aFiling, NTN Registration, Company Registration, Active Consultancy, and much more.


Individual Tax Filing:

ActiveFiler leverages its tax expertise to provide taxation solutions for the individuals of Pakistan including the salaried class and the freelancers.


Business Tax Filing:

ActiveFiler surges to take away the hassles of taxation from the hands of the SMEs and other forms of companies by providing personalized, top-drawer taxation solutions.

The professionals at ActiveFiler know their way around the intricacies of taxation and could help companies in benefiting from tax credits that are often left unattained.


NTN Registration:

Registration for the National Tax Number is a long and  frustrating procedure in the tax system of Pakistan – and ActiveFiler realizes that.

Through this platform, you could get an NTN registration without ever leaving your home. It is that simple.

It is the product of all these benevolent services that business entity like Startup Pakistan recognized ActiveFiler is one of the faster-growing fintech startups in all of Pakistan.


The Offerings:

Though ActiveFiler carries the advantage of having the most affordable taxation services – they are very active in providing discounts and fee cuts for the people of Pakistan, primarily so that no one is ever devoid from attaining their services.

ActiveFiler always keeps the important events in check and makes sure to add on to the celebrations by putting hefty discounts of display.

Secondly, ActiveFiler offers the tax payers the luxury of getting over and done with the entire process of tax filing, by never even leaving the comfort of their homes.

With just 3 easy steps, ActiveFiler promises that you’ll be done with all your taxation processes.


The 3 Easy Steps:

Hassle-free, convenient, and quick tax filing in the most affordable rates in market – all this could be achieved by three simple steps of ActiveFiler.


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Active Filer

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ActiveFiler Is Your Trusted Source for Personal and Business Tax Preparation. Contact to one of our Taxperts and Certified Pros to find right solutions for effective tax filing and easy NTN registration for both individuals and businesses.

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